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Change. It is something that so many of us try to avoid, like a storm at sea. With 2020 rolling through and everything that came with it, I deemed it an appropriate time for change.

I know that many of you wondered why we changed our name from The Wanderess Photography to Clover & Slate. The short answer is that we needed a change. Along with these last two years, I've grown a lot as a person and as a photographer. I want my business to reflect that as best as possible.

The Wanderess whispers of an adventurous childlike spirit, from times before hardship and lessons learned. To be frank, we've learnt a lot since 2020 began. Clover & Slate is meant to be more grown, more professional, but still leave you feeling adventurous and nature-loving.

I had a few people come up to me during the holiday season wondering why I chose "clover". I chose it because I needed that something that would still encapsulate the adventurous spirit. Clients of mine know my vast love for wildflowers and fields and sunlight, and the beautiful things in the most ordinary.

The clover flower is something that many of us call a weed, but all in all, it is a flower and worth adoring too. That's how we as people feel often, like we're ordinary with nothing beautiful to offer.

This is my way of reminding all of you that I see you and you are beautiful. Don't ever let that be an excuse for you to skip your yearly family photos or great wedding photos. You deserve the best, little clover.

So... What's new? Other than the business name and the branding, everything else remains the same.

The only service that we no longer offer is videography, but we want to graciously thank those of you who had taken a chance on us newbies for your wedding videography coverage.

It always means the world to feel your support. We are advertising more towards those sweet mothers who want creative portraits with their babies. Parenthood sessions, over the last few years, have grown to mean a lot to me. I'm happy to make these young families my main focus for the time being.

Nevertheless, Clover & Slate still offers its range of portraiture: from parenthood, to couples and weddings, to individuals and blush. Every genre serves its purpose in time, and we could never cut one out of our services if we want to create those lifelong bonds with our clients.

And of course, we do want to be friends with you. Please invite us on every adventure of your life.

Let's talk now about these magical logos, created by Brain Flower Designs.

Kelley was very pleasant to work with; she collaborated well and included every tiny thing that I wanted her to. Her initial design for the round single flower logo included a thistle, which is another flower that I feel is worth adoring. But when I settled on the clover flower for the brand, Kelley didn't hesitate to change her design for me. I 1,000% recommend working with her if you are looking for unique, hand-drawn logos. (For my music friends, she also does album covers and artwork!)

These lovely new headshots were photographed by my dear friend Tabby at Lost Aurora Photography and edited by Clover & Slate. The time has come for me to say goodbye, only to end this blog post. I want to outline some plans for all of you before this blog post ends, however.

A few things I've been wanting to do for years: I want to hold blush mini sessions in a local airbnb or bed and breakfast, this would be over a weekend sometime in the spring.

I have also been contemplated the benefits of a "pay what you can afford" day of sessions. In the contemplating, I realized that it's not about what I get from it but what you as my clients benefit from it. As I said, everyone deserves good portraits for each season of their life. The plan is to choose one day during the summer months and offer this service to you.

I also want to be socially productive with Clover & Slate and keep up with weekly social media posts and semi-monthly blog posts. So please keep an eye out! Do not forget to like, share, and talk about our photography to your friends and family! We would love to meet them.

Here are some quick links for the newest visitors to our site: Pricing Parenthood Gallery Wedding Gallery Contact Facebook Instagram

I have forgotten to mention that I first opened Brenna Barron Photography seven years ago this year. Thank you to every single person who has ever worked with us over these years. You lead us here, where we are today.

thank you thank you thank you

With much love and adventure,

Brenna Slate


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