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Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Waaay back in February- that cold wintry month before COVID19 entered our lives- Jessica and Kevin booked me last minute for a session in the snow.

Despite visiting the eye doctor just an hour beforehand and struggling to keep my dilated eyes from hurting, (I promise, you truly do live and learn lol!) we had a wonderful time in the snow!

We met up at one of my favorite local parks, where the lake was gorgeous and icy, the hillside trees were glistening with the snow. It was a fun experience, one that I- surprisingly- never really experienced before. It's not everyday that people have the desire to take photos out in the freezing temps.

This was the last session that The Wanderess Photography had before COVID19, and we are still grateful for this little session. (Not to mention that I also get to photograph this couples' elopement in just three weeks?!)

(Seriously, doesn't this look like an advertisement?)

If interested in booking your own engagement, anniversary, or just-because session with us, you can view our love gallery and contact us any time!


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